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GigaStor Expandable Wire Speed technical specifications
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Supported QSFP/SFP/SFP+ media types
Created: 2013-03-13   Revised: 2015-07-23
The probe includes the Gen2 capture card and Expert Probe software. This allows for simultaneous connections by multiple users, and provides real-time expert processing at the probe. It also includes a number of security and reliability features.
Rack mounts and rail slide kits to mount the unit in a cabinet. Units may also be placed on a rack shelf or bench.
Do not remove the top panel from the probe. The probe was designed to cool most efficiently with the top panel in place. Opening the probe will void your warranty!
There is BIOS-controlled system monitoring that automatically slows down the CPU clocking in response to critical temperature sensors on the motherboard.
When powering on and off the GigaStor Expandable components on and off, follow this order to ensure proper drive recognition and operation or you will risk data loss:
Power on the GigaStor Expandable Storage units before powering on the GigaStor Expandable Primary unit.
Shut down the GigaStor Expandable Primary unit before powering off the GigaStor Expandable Storage units.
Figure 9: 5U Observer GigaStor Expandable Wire Speed
Power button
Press this button to turn the unit on or off. When shutting the system down, wait about 10 seconds to allow the drives to stop before restarting.
System Reset Button
When pushed, the system resets.
USB Port
USB port for a USB device.
Operating System Drive
Removable hard drive with the operating system.
System Activity Lights
The blue Power light is on whenever the GigaStor unit is on.
The green Operating System light blinks whenever there is activity on the OS drive.
The individual green RAID drive lights blink whenever there is activity on that specific drive.
RAID drive locations
The RAID is built at the factory, and the drives are removed before being shipped to you. The locations indicate where each drive should be installed. Installing a drive in a location other than its preassigned slot may affect initial performance of your GigaStor while the RAID rebuilds itself.
Figure 10: 5U GigaStor Expandable Wire Speed
Redundant power supply
Two redundant power modules are standard.
Gen2 capture card
Gen2 capture card(s) at 1, 2, 4, or 6 links
RAID connection cables
There are three RAID connection cards labeled A, B, and C.
Lights Out Management (LOM) port
LOM port, for out-of-band remote administration.
On-board video
For connecting a monitor or other display.
Ethernet ports
Ethernet (management) ports. Passive probe instances should be pointed to this Ethernet connection so that the Gen2 capture card performs its best with the active probe instance.
GPS Time Synchronization System Port (not shown)
An optional GPS timing device can be attached to the Gen2 capture card to ensure accurate timestamps.
Figure 11: GigaStor Expandable Wire Speed dimensions
Table 1. System specifications
19-inch rack-mountable probe appliance that begins with 48 TB of storage capacity and can expand with additional expansion units. Includes a redundant power supply and a field replaceable operating system drive.
64 GB RAM (32 for operating system, 32 for Observer Analyzer)
1 Gb Link Support
2, 4, or 6 Links (4, 8, and 12 ports)
10 Gb Link Support
1, 2, 4 or 6 Links (2, 4, 8, and 12 ports)
40 Gb Link Support
1 Link (2 ports)
Additional Hardware
Includes network Observer nTAP(s) and media kit(s)
Key Remote Capabilities
Web-based management
Graceful power shutdown, start, and reboot
Pager and email alerts
Lights Out Capability
Manage, monitor and control the GigaStor remotely using an intuitive web-based interface via the IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) v1.5 / 2.0 with KVM support.
Control Unit
5U 19-inch rack-mountable appliance
16.84 in (W) x 8.72 in (H) x 26.08 in (mounting depth)
(Full probe depth with handles: 28.13 in)
42.23 cm (W) x 22.15 cm (H) x 66.23 cm (mounting depth) 
(Full probe depth with handles: 71.32 cm)
Expansion Unit
5U 19-inch rack-mountable appliance 16.84 in (W) x 8.72 in (H) x 26.08 in (mounting depth)
(Full probe depth with handles: 21.5 in)
42.23 cm (W) x 22.15 cm (H) x 66.23 cm (mounting depth) 
(Full probe depth with handles: 71.32 cm)
Control unit & Expansion unit
95 lbs (42.99 kg) / mounting rails: 9 lbs (4.1kg)
Power consumption (full load)
Input voltage: 100V-240V Auto Select
Input frequency: 50/60Hz
Control unit
GigaStor Expandable 612 W (2088 Btu/h)
10 Gb GigaStor Expandable 632 W (2156 Btu/h)
40 Gb GigaStor Expandable 632 W (2156 Btu/h)
Expansion unit
333W (1136 Btu/h)
Operating Temperature
32 F (0 C) to 104 F (40 C)
Supported QSFP/SFP/SFP+ media types
Created: 2014-04-11   Revised: 2015-07-23
The Gen2 capture card requires SFP modules—a minimum of two per link. These are the supported media types.
40 Gb QSFP Transceivers
10 Gb Ethernet SFP+ Transceivers
1 Gb Ethernet SFP Transceivers
Note: XFP may only be used if your Gen2 capture card is a 2007 model.
If your Gen2 capture card is:
1 Gb, then only 1 Gb SFPs may be used. They can connect at 1000 Mb (1Gb) if optical, or 10/100/1000 Mb if copper.
10 Gb, then only 10 Gb SFP+ may be used. They only connect at 10 Gb and cannot be used with 40 Gb (multiplexed 10Gb).
40 Gb, then QSFP may be used and only if your exact Gen2 capture card model supports it.