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Using the NetFlow features in Observer
Revised: 2016-03-07
Watch a video about NetFlow in Observer, and see a list of some important NetFlow considerations to know.
Like many things in Observer a feature is not in just one place, but spread throughout the product. NetFlow is no different. Use this section as a starting place to find what you need regarding NetFlow in Observer.
Choose the right probe for you.
Ensure your ToS/QoS is set for your network so that your statistics are correct.
There are two different types of NetFlow collectors. Learn the differences and see how to create one.
Capturing NetFlow statistics does have some limitations that are different from packet capture.
Decoding a NetFlow flow. This section also details how you may need to configure your NetFlow device so that Observer can see the flows.
Open a saved NetFlow capture.
Most NetFlow information comes from Network Trending.