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Understanding TPDA-15
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TPDA-15 technical specifications
Parts list
How to install TPDA-15
Created: 2016-11-28
TPDA-15 provides power or redundant power for up to 15 electrical or copper-based TAPs.
The unit produces 5 volts DC power for each TAP connected to it.
Figure 10: Redundant power setup
TPDA-15 Redundant Power ImageTPDA-15 Redundant Power Image
TPDA-15 technical specifications
Created: 2016-11-29
The technical specifications for the TAP Power Distribution Appliance are shown below.
Figure 11: TPDA-15 Front
TPDA-15 Front Low-resTPDA-15 Front Low-res
Figure 12: TPDA-15 Rear
TPDA-15 Rear Low-resTPDA-15 Rear Low-res
1 power button
15 2-pin connectors
2 power supply units
19 in
13.6 in
Weight (mounted)
13 lbs / 5.9 kg
Weight (handling)
13 lbs / 5.9 kg
Redundant power supply
Input frequency
AC Input voltage
100V-240V Auto Select
DC input voltage
-48V DC (-40 to -70VDC)
AC power consumption
199W at 110VAC
DC power consumption
284W at -48VDC
Temperature (operating)
32°F - 122°F / 0°C - 50°C
Temperature (storage)
-4°F - 176°F / -20°C - 80°C
Parts list
Created: 2016-11-29
Each appliance comes with a number of components necessary for a successful installation.
1 TPDA-15 appliance
15 2-pin power cords
2 AC cords (DC version does not include any power cords)
Before installing, ensure you received all of the parts required for your system.
How to install TPDA-15
Created: 2016-11-29
Getting your appliance installed provides peace of mind that your TAPs have the power they need to run.
1. Take the appliance and all other components out of the packing materials.
Parts list
2. Insert the appliance into your server rack or cabinet and connect both power cables.
3. Using the 2-pin power cables, connect the TAPs to the TPDA-15.
Figure 13: Connecting TAPs to TPDA-15
Connecting TPDA-15 to TAPsConnecting TPDA-15 to TAPs
4. Turn on the appliance.
Your hardware appliance is installed and providing power or backup power to the connected TAPs.