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modify port speed
The modify port speed command sets the port's speed designation.
Ports are grouped in blocks of four. All ports in a block must have the same speed designation. For example, ports 1-4 might be configured for 1G while ports 5-8 are 10G. If you change the speed for port 6 from 10G to 1G, then ports 5, 7, and 8 are also changed to 1G.
modify port speed <PortList> <1G|10G>
A comma-separated list of physical ports or a range of ports. For example, 1,4,6-8. No spaces are allowed.
Sets the port speed (of selected ports) to one gigabit per second.
Sets the port speed (of selected ports) to ten gigabits per second.
matrix_host(layout_name)# modify port speed 7 1G Setting port speed on port 7 to 1G (sets all ports in port block with port 7 (5-8))
matrix_host(layout_name)# modify port speed 9-11 10G Setting port speed on ports 9-11 to 10G (sets all ports in port block with ports (9-12))